"Since my home has been under their management expertise, I have had nothing but the best and foremost friendliest service. The service and repair experience when needed has been excellent. All the staff are very courteous and friendly. very willing to be a help to their cllients."
by rdhdiane69 at Citysearch

"Used ATX Property Management in November and was a very great experience. Very nice and infbrmative employees. No hassle paying my rent every' month;just go to the computer! They are very quick calling me back if I have a problem and has someone at my door in a matter of days and sometimes just hours! I would recommend when ATX is handling a rental, you jump at the chance to have them be your property management team."
by saarein at Citysearch

"In this day and time it seenrs as if many people I encounter don't like their job - and it shows in their poor customer service! Whenever I am in contact with the staff of ATX Property Managetnent, I am treated with courtesy and respect. I appreciate the customer service they provide!"
by Moody2 at Citysearch

"I have been with ATX Property for ayeff now and the management team there has been so nice to me. My service request are taken care of in a timely manner and the staff there is so polite. I look fbrward to another year w-ith them and recommend them highly. I have found a winning team!"
by Yellow Sage at Citysearch 4ATX Property Management

"We have dealt with a couple difTerent management companies over the past year or so, and ATX is by far much more personable, helpful, and friendly than our previous one. Keep it up, folks!"
by troyp43 at Citysearch

"Every time I contacted ATX Propefty, I receive great customer service and also got a feeling that they actually cared for the customer. Each request for assistance or service is handled quickly by a friendly and reliable maintenance staff."
by jewellcorey at Citysearch

"Website is user friendly and it is very convenient to pay online. Their staff is friendly. The only issue I have is that it is hard to reach a person or get a return phone call. Other than that......they are acceptable."
by lMartg6 at Citysearch

"Dont understand how this place is still in business. HORRIBLE...Been professional renters fbr over 10 yrs and NEVER had this kind of experience. HORRIBLE!!! Now we get offered a 5.00 gas card to go write a positive they can look good......l dont care if it was 1000 gas card. Nothing positive about this place. We wili never use this company again. Did not resign our lease just because of the management company. Loved the property! Wish you didnt have to give one star...wish you could give nothing. Thats what they deserve. There is my review ATX."
by hellothere2} at Citysearch

"The people I have encountered here are great and go out of their way to help. I love using the online portal to reporl maintenance issues because it keeps a log instead of having to keep a file for requests. Definitely like the ease of paying rent online. They have always responded right away to our concerns."
by EmiB at Citysearch

"The rental property management is not great, but not bad either. We have had some maintenance issues, they responded fairly quickly, but it takes awhile for the work to be done. For example, we put in a request when we first moved in, the request is just now being handled, I'm sure only because it was renewal time. I like the online service and having the ability to communicate online. even thou there is a srnall f-ee to pay rent online."
by tlcrnorris at Citysearch

"After a long and exhaustive search for a property that would meet my needs, ATX provided rny with great quick customer service. I vier,ved my property and loved how when i walked in it didnt have the smell of a vacant home but a very refreshing welcome home scent. They offer rne access to my account online that saves me not only time but also gas. When issues arise. maintenance is very expedient with solving the problem. I recommend if you are looking to rnove stop at ATX Properly Mangement for all of you needs in one place!"
by jvaughnl at Citysearch

"We moved in our rental properly in November 2011 and appreciate the cooperativeness, professionalism, and expedient service. I also appreciate the user friendly website that allows me to easily pay my rent and request maintenance services. The staff in the office is also very fiiendly and coufteous. I look forward to the same excellent service throughout our lease."
by ATX Property Management at Citysearch

"I dnt understand horv these other people are rating them.I have never had such a horrible experience with a property management like I have with them in all my 15 years of being a tenant. Not only do they not respond for service calls in a timely manner. But they also deplete every penny you have of your deposit when moving out. They claim to be professional and curti,ous, but we knowiust as much as they do how inconsiderate they are!"
by txdoc at Citysearch

"ATX Properly Management has managed Ms. Shanks home for well over a year now. We recently discussed what areas of our hrm bothered her and tried to better those areas as well as explain we have no control of the bank's processing times. We send our owner the statements anh the rent monies via ACH depoosit on the 10th of each month. Depending on each Bank's processing times, it will have an impact on when our owners get the rent monies' I explained this io Ms. Shanks and she felt more in the loop. I wish we could make this happen the same day but that wont happen as long as the Bank's are involved. We care about both our owners and tenants. We didnt open our doori to be bad to people or treat them unfair. We are here to help anytime there is a discrepency and this is the way we run things."
by jeggie84 at Citysearch

"I am a property owner who has worked with A-TX since November 2010. During that time, I have had to initiate contact with them twice. The first was over being paid on time. The second was over a maintenance request. The vast majority of my experience with them is fairly automatic and trouble-free. Due to a misunderstanding on my part, I had thought that the company was slow to respond. But, Jessica Bullock contacted me and we worked it out. My contract with them ends in June and I expect to renew it. Recommendation: * always **call** with any concerns, then follow-up with a written request."
by rebeccashanks at Citysearch